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Security News

Fake Smart Factory Honeypot Highlights New Attack Threats

24-01-20 The honeypot demonstrates the various security concerns plaguing vulnerable industrial control systems.

Critical, Unpatched ‘MDhex’ Bugs Threaten Hospital Devices

23-01-20 The Feds have warned on six vulnerabilities in GE medical equipment that could affect patient monitor alarms and more.

U.S. Gov Agency Targeted With Malware-Laced Emails

23-01-20 The malicious email campaign included a never-before-seen malware downloader called Carrotball, and may be linked to the Konni Group APT.

Shlayer, No. 1 Threat for Mac, Targets YouTube, Wikipedia

23-01-20 The malware uses thousands of partner websites to spread malvertising code.

Cisco Warns of Critical Network Security Tool Flaw

23-01-20 The critical flaw exists in Cisco's administrative management tool, used with network security solutions like firewalls.

Google: Flaws in Apple’s Private-Browsing Technology Allow for Third-Party Tracking

23-01-20 New research outlines vulnerabilities in Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Protection that can reveal user browsing behavior to third parties.

Pwn2Own Miami Contestants Haul in $180K for Hacking ICS Equipment

22-01-20 The competition targets the systems that run critical infrastructure and more.

Vivin Nets Thousands of Dollars Using Cryptomining Malware

22-01-20 A newly discovered threat actor named Vivin is raking in Monero from cryptomining malware, showing that this type of attack isn't going away anytime soon.

sLoad Malware Revamped as Powerful ‘StarsLord’ Loader

22-01-20 The newest version of the sLoad malware dropper comes equipped with infection tracking capabilities and an anti-analysis trick.

Microsoft Leaves 250M Customer Service Records Open to the Web

22-01-20 The trove of information is potentially a scammer's bonanza.

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