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Security News

Triton Malware Targets Industrial Control Systems in Middle East

15-12-17 Malware intended for a “high-impact” attack against safety systems likely would of caused physical damage to a targeted company located in the Middle East.

Synaptics Says Claims of a Keylogger in HP Laptops are False

14-12-17 Synaptics said reports that hundreds of HP laptops contained a secret keylogger that traced back to debugger software made by the company are inaccurate.

Permissions Flaw Found on Azure AD Connect

14-12-17 A permissions flaw in Microsoft’s Azure AD Connect software could allow a rogue admin to escalate account privileges and gain unauthorized universal access within a company’s internal network. 

19-Year-Old TLS Vulnerability Weakens Modern Website Crypto

13-12-17 New research shows how an old vulnerability called ROBOT can be exploited using an adaptive chosen-ciphertext attack to reveal the plaintext for a given TLS session.

Microsoft December Patch Tuesday Update Fixes 34 Bugs

12-12-17 Microsoft patched 34 vulnerabilities in all on Tuesday with most of the bugs impacting Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office and Microsoft’s Scripting Engine.

New Spider Ransomware Comes With 96-Hour Deadline

12-12-17 A ransomware campaign targeting the Balkans comes with a 96-hour deadline and includes a link to a video that assures victims payments can be made easily.

Vulnerability Found in Two Keyless Entry Locks

11-12-17 Researchers are warning of a default-configuration vulnerability in the enterprise-class keyless entry products made by AMAG Technology.

Leftover Debugger Doubles as a Keylogger on Hundreds of HP Laptop Models

11-12-17 HP released an update that fixes debugger code that could allow an attacker to use a Synaptics Touchpad driver as a keylogger.

Android Flaw Allows Attackers to Poison Signed Apps with Malicious Code

08-12-17 An Android vulnerability called Janus allows attackers to inject malicious code into signed Android apps.

Apple Fixes Flaw Impacting HomeKit Devices

08-12-17 Apple said it has fixed an undisclosed vulnerability in its HomeKit framework that could have allowed unauthorized remote control of HomeKit devices such as smart locks and connected garage door openers.

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